Scientific art to capture hearts and minds

I love creating illustrations that can visually convey scientific concepts, may they be simple or complex. I believe scientific art and graphics can play a big role in clarifying science and making it more memorable.

Scientific journal covers

Make your research land on the cover of a scientific journal by transforming it into stunning visuals.

Technical figures

Clean up and beautify your figure for publication.

Comic illustrations

Make your science stand out in a fun way!

Nice to meet you!

Hi, my name is Martina. I am a Scientific Illustrator with a Theoretical Physics background. My passion is creating beautiful, compelling art and graphics for scientists and the wider public. I specialize in bringing to life concepts that are difficult to visualize.

What does a typical collaboration look like?

What people are saying about me

Very communicative, engaging and we connected. As a scientist I could feel that she understood my request for an artistic spin on things. I asked her for suggestions on aspects and it was clear that the answers came from thought and experience. Will definitely recommend to others and come back for my next creative science project.


Martina was very easy to work with, quick to respond and quick to understand exactly what was needed. Love the end product and can’t wait to use the images in my project. Highly recommend Martina for your scientific illustrations!


In my opinion diagrams and illustrations can be an extremely effective method of communication of scientific ideas, which is a very important part of scientific research. I very much recommend Martina as someone to turn an idea or scribble on a piece of paper into a high quality scientific illustration.


It was a pleasure working with Martina, provided a very prompt and detail-oriented output for a geology/cartography figure. Highly recommended!


I really enjoyed working with Martina! We had great communication, she understood the main idea, provided a draft, and communicated her ideas that were perfectly aligned with the main concept of the illustration. She also delivered the work much earlier than she was supposed to. Thank you again!


Very responsive and willing to work with my timeline. Communication was excellent and service was as described. I appreciate the timely responses and the sketches before committing time to a design – it really helps move the process along faster to an end-result I was happy with.