Bad Bug Busters

Join 9-year-old Amelia on an exciting adventure in "Bad Bug Busters," a self-published book I illustrated. In this engaging tale, Amelia discovers how harmless 'training bugs' in vaccines transform her immune cells into superheroes. These tiny defenders are always on the lookout for danger, ready to swoop in and block, gobble up, or explode bad bugs before they can make her sick.

Geared towards children aged 6 to 10, "Bad Bug Busters" combines scientific accuracy with bright and fun illustrations. I collaborated closely with the author to ensure the bugs and immune cells were depicted authentically while maintaining a playful and inviting atmosphere. This book is not only an entertaining story but also an educational journey into the world of the immune system, making science exciting and accessible for young readers.

Client's review

I partnered with Martina to create my first children's health picture book, Bad Bug Busters: Vaccines vs. Germs, and am thrilled with the final product! Martina was excellent to work with throughout the process. Her communication was clear and timely, she was very receptive to (and patient with) my feedback, and her illustrations perfectly combined scientific accuracy with creativity to engage young readers and bring my story to life. I fully recommend her and hope to partner with her again soon! 

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