The honest microbes

Collaborating with a dentist, I illustrated "The Honest Microbes," a self-published book encouraging children to embrace dental hygiene by introducing them to Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for dental caries. 

In "The Honest Microbes," we took the concept of these tiny troublemakers a step further. Picture them as adorable microbial families residing within teeth, carving out sugar caves. Each stanza of the book is an insight into these little monsters, and I've crafted a vibrant illustration for each of them.

Bright and captivating, these illustrations are designed to spark the imaginations of young readers. However, I've made sure that the scientific accuracy shines through: for example, the form of the bacteria closely matches the real one that can observed with a microscope.

Client's review

Martina is a highly skilled professional with a creative mind. She delivers some of the best artwork and always does it on time! Highly recommend her work as she will bring your idea to life with her dedicated work ethic and great attention to detail. 

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