Gil and Rosie go to space

I had the pleasure of illustrating "Gil and Rosie go to space," an indie-published book aimed at young readers. The story follows Rosie on a journey through the solar system aboard a unique spaceship, where she makes a surprising discovery of life on Jupiter's moon, Europa. 

The book's structure follows the stages of a genuine space mission, providing young readers with an engaging and educational journey. From conceptual study and preliminary analysis to design, development, and the final mission report, Rosie's adventure unfolds, captivating readers at every step.

My role in this project was to craft engaging illustrations that brought this interstellar narrative to life. I carefully portrayed celestial bodies with precision, ensuring they remained true to their real-world counterparts. Simultaneously, I allowed my imagination to explore and envision fictional life forms, speculating about what might exist beneath the icy surface of Europa, Jupiter's moon. 

Client's review

Love how it turned out! Martina was professional, helpful, quick, and wonderful at the illustrations! 

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