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Scientific Journal Cover Art

Are you looking to translate your research into a beautiful and scientifically accurate picture? Would you like to showcase your findings in a colorful and attractive way?

You’re in the right place! Together, we will design a stunning scientific illustration that will set your research apart. This kind of illustrations is perfect for journal cover submissions, and even to showcase your work on social media, your lab, a University website or magazine, poster sessions and grant applications.

Phosphorene nanoribbon on a perovskite solar cell

Phosphorene nanoribbon on a perovskite solar cell

Application of neural networks to the study of gravitational waves

Nanoflowers activated by ultrasounds help reduce pollution

The role of solar wind in the presence of water on Earth

Treatment of cervical cancer involving gold particles delivered by a hydrogel

A time crystal, a new state of matter in the quantum world