I'm thrilled to collaborate with game developers on "Radiomon," an upcoming mobile game that ventures into the fascinating realm of nuclear physics. In "Radiomon," players embark on a journey through natural landscapes, objects, and technologies, zooming in to discover a world of Radiomons, ball-shaped creatures representing elements from the periodic table.

During the game, Radiomons can transmute  and evolve as the player interacts with them, mimicking the dynamic nature of atoms. Whether serene or annoyed, joyful or raging, they're all driven by their decay properties, radiating energy before they slumber. 

With the direction of the game developers, I'm crafting the graphical assets for Radiomon, with a focus on these distinctive Radiomons. Each Radiomon boasts a unique appearance, not only mirroring the element's appearance, but also carrying cool details that hint at its real-world uses and origins.

This is a fascinating adventure where science and gaming collide, and I'm excited to be part of the team bringing these elemental creatures to life.

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