New treatment for cervical cancer – Journal cover art

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The article corresponding to this cover describes a new treatment option for cervical cancer, which is based on a hydrogel and gold particles.

When the hydrogel enters the cervical canal, it matches the geometry and size of the tumor. This way, it can deliver encapsulated nanoparticles exactly to the tumor.

This collaboration started with a sketch provided by the researcher, and the request to translate the concept into a journak cover illustration that has a 3D look. I then provided a first, flat sketch that allowed us to discuss the composition and even different perspectives for the piece.

Working towards the final image, other than adding the 3D look and textures, we discussed several adjustments that made the illustration come to life while reflecting the underlying science.

To draw attention to the tumor and hydrogel, we kept the cervical cavity less saturated, and also centered these two elements as much as possible without losing track of the context.

Then, I made the tumor’s shape more irregular and made the hydrogel take its shape. This helps to show how the hydrogel can adapt to the tumor and deliver a localized treatment.

In order to give the hydrogel and gold particles even more importance, we made the tumor opaque and the hydrogel and gold shiny. We also smoothed out the gold particles’ trails and added a bit of direction variation to improve visual interest.

In the end, we kept the original sketch’s perspective, because the reproductive system is most often seen under this angle.

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