About me

Martina Pepiciello - Theoretical Physicist and Science Illustrator

Hi, my name is Martina Pepiciello; I am a scientific illustrator with a theoretical physics background. I create compelling scientific illustrations and designs for papers, journals or posters  to help scientists communicate their work and ideas. I also design graphics and illustrations for both printed and digital media that are suited for science communication to non-specialized and/or young audiences.

After earning a Theoretical Physics master’s degree, I decided to combine my passions for art and science by creating scientific illustrations, graphics and designs.

I believe the communication to scientist peers and the wider public is an essential part of the scientific process. In this respect, infographics and illustrations can play a huge role. First, they help remember and understand scientific concepts and findings. Moreover, they can speak to a broader audience, sparking interest and passion in the casual viewer as well as in the expert. So, in my work, I strive to bring visions of scientific phenomena to life by using bright and inspiring visuals. Of couse, I also make sure my graphics are faithful to the underlying science.

I also believe communicating science to non experts and young people is extremely important for our society. This is why I also strive to create illustrations and graphics that can captivate the broad public or children and youth. I represent scientific concepts in a way that is easy to grasp but not misleading, so that everyone can be inspired and have a better understanding of science, without getting overwhelmed by its complexity. 

I take care to provide a transparent and productive communication experience with clients; I love getting feedback and discussing it with them. This helps me create images of the best quality that can suit their needs. My quick turnaround and on-time delivery also eliminate the stress about deadlines.

I look forward to hearing how we can collaborate on your science project!

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